Why Choose Us

  • Professionalness

    15 years+experience in Electronic Manufacturing project for oversea customers

  • Cost Effectiveness

    Skilled procurement team combined with high efficiency manufacturing equipments Make us standing out in cost control.

  • Flexibility

    High-mix Low-volume order and no MOQ are acceptable.

  • Quick Turnaround

    Unixplore provides two working shifts per day plus 7×24 hours service allowing us to provide quick turnaround for PCBA prototypes in 3 days and 10 days for mass.

  • One-Stop Turnkey Service

    One-stop service covering PCB,part sourcing,SMT and DIP assembly,programming,function test,box building,conformal coating,finished product assembly, and packaging.

  • Quality Certification

    ISO9001:2015, UL, CE, RoHs, IPC-610E,Class II

Our Factory

Customer Testimonials

  • More than happy to give your company good recommendations, we're all really happy with the work you did for us.


  • Now we need to compete against the others in quality and price and I think we both are a good team for this.You are doing a great job I know that.


  • congratulation ! we can see that one Linkitall unit has gone online on China Mobile network, the last thing will be solved ... i was just awaked by Jakob , who was happy that he could see a unit online his morning.


  • Thanks Jerry, that looks very good for me. When you are in the dimensions please do the mass production.


  • Hello Jerry,
    Great the 12 working days.
    Please take care again with the alignment holes like we had with the ASI2 PCB. I have just paid it so, I assume, you should see it in the coming days.


  • Hi Jerry,
    We received the LED boards last week, thanks. We have now tested a few and they seem to work well as expected. We will probably make a few small changes to the design of the controller, but we will wait for the results of certified testing before doing this.



Unixplore Electronics Co., Ltd は 2011 年に設立され、あらゆる分野をカバーするワンストップのターンキー受託電子機器製造サービスの提供に特化してきました。プリント基板とPCBAの設計と製造テ、部品調達、SMTおよびDIPアセンブリ、プログラミング、機能テスト、コンフォーマルコーティング、ボックス構築、ワイヤーハーネスおよびケーブルアセンブリ、完成品アセンブリ、梱包など。家電、自動車、セキュリティ システム、家庭用電化製品、産業用制御、医療機器、ヘルスケア、スマート ホーム、軍事、航空などの幅広い用途に使用されます。
Unixplore Electronics は、ワンストップ EMS サービス、ターンキー PCB、PCBA などの生産を専門とする中国の大手メーカーおよびサプライヤーの 1 つです。当社はお客様に品質保証を迅速に提供できます。当社の工場から製品を安心して購入でき、最高のアフターサービスとタイムリーな配達を提供します。

PCB、PCBA、EMS プロジェクトに関するお問い合わせは、電子メールを残してください。24 時間以内にご連絡いたします。

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